Some realignment thoughts

Tomorrow morning, the UIL will announce realignment for the next couple years. Here are some of my thoughts regarding area teams:


Our teams: Rider, WFHS

Potential district mates in region: Saginaw Boswell, Saginaw, Saginaw Chisholm Trail, Denton, Lake Dallas, Azle, Brewer, Grapevine.

My thoughts: It seems really likely that WFHS and Rider are with the Saginaw schools. They are only about 100 miles away. But that still makes five and the district likely needs at least two more schools. I think there’s a good chance Lake Dallas and Denton stick around, but if not, I could see an Azle-Brewer combo.



Our teams: Burkburnett, Hirschi, Graham

Potential district mates in region: Springtown, Decatur, Mineral Wells, Abilene Wylie, Stephenville, Brownwood, Alvarado, Gainesville, Sanger, Argyle.

My thoughts: There’s a smidge of a chance Burkburnett and Hirschi go west, but I’m not going to mention Pampa and Borger among potential district mates. It’d be nice if our three area teams are in the same group and get paired with Mineral Wells, Springtown and Decatur. That would be a good district. But Graham, like it did in 2008-09, could join Abilene Wylie and Brownwood in the south. You’d think Stephenville would be a likely team in that district, too. I’ve even seen in one mock realignment with Hirschi and Burkburnett going as far east as defending champion Argyle, which would be interesting.



Our teams: Iowa Park, Vernon

Potential district mates in region: Krum, Aubrey, Bridgeport, Celina, Bushland, Perryton.

My thoughts: I don’t think the Hawks and Lions are going to have to go out west. To me, it’s just too far. Here’s what it comes down to: There are 10 far West Texas teams, so if the UIL wants to make two five-team districts, Vernon and IP are going to be with Bridgeport and Krum. If they want two six-team districts, then the Hawks and Lions go west. I guess there’s a chance only Vernon goes west, but it’d seem lame to split our two local teams up.



Our teams: Bowie.

Potential district mates in region: Whitesboro, Ponder, Pilot Point, Callisburg, Paradise, Boyd.

My thoughts: It doesn’t seem likely for Bowie’s district to change much. I’ve mostly seen it as the same seven teams returning, but Boyd could get pushed west and join a district with Brock and Glen Rose. That would make it a schedule-friendly six teams.



Our teams: City View, Henrietta, Holliday, Jacksboro, Nocona

Potential district mates in region: Millsap.

My thoughts: This is about the most uneventful division to predict. Our five area teams are losing Alvord, but will either stay five teams or add Millsap, which is about 40 miles south of Jacksboro near Mineral Wells. Jacksboro has been in a district with them before. There’s just no one else close by. S&S Consolidated is 55 miles east of Nocona – that’s the next closest school. It’s worth noting that a Cisco/Eastland neighboring district is a likely possibility, which would be tough for football playoffs.



Area teams: Archer City, Olney, Windthorst

Potential district mates in region: Hawley, Anson, Stamford, Chico, Alvord,

My thoughts: All three area schools should be in the same district and it seems likely they head toward Abilene because with Haskell and Winters changing divisions, the Abilene district must be filled out somehow. Chico and Alvord have been with Windthorst/Archer City before in the past decade and it’d be a logical fit, but does the UIL want to make an eight-team district? It wouldn’t surprise me if Alvord/Chico get shoved further east because that’s easier than leaving out the Abilene area teams.



Our teams: Seymour, Quanah, Electra, Petrolia, Munday

Potential district mates in region: Hamlin, Haskell, Albany, Roby, Lindsay, Collinsville, Muenster, Era, Clarendon, Lockney, Memphis.

My thoughts: Last year we had only one district with our three A Div. II schools in. But with Seymour and Quanah dropping a division, I think we could have three different ones now. It makes sense for Quanah to go west (which it traditionally has done in Class A) and get back with Clarendon and Lockney. I figure rivals Seymour and Munday are grouped together again and it’d make sense for Abilene-area schools to be with them. Remember, Seymour was in a district with Haskell and Albany last realignment. Now would Electra join them? And what about Petrolia, who has often gone east with Muenster, Lindsay, etc.? I could see the Tigers going either way, but I bet the Pirates stay east.