Second-round football thoughts

Well, things have been a little crazy lately with games getting postponed, moved up and rescheduled multiple times.

Most of the games got played around the state, although there are still a few that are going to try to go Monday. In our area, Seymour-New Deal and Crowell-Water Valley fit into that category.

It sounded pretty dangerous out west of Wichita Falls this weekend. I’ve read about a bad wreck in Amarillo that killed a parent of an El Paso Chapin football player. And I’ve read where a couple teams were stranded in the towns they played in.

As I write this, I have no idea what will happen tomorrow with the handful of games going on. Denver City-Bangs has already moved to Tuesday, which means the winner can’t play Eastland until the next week because there has to be four days off between games.

* I haven’t covered WFHS much before this season at the TRN because I’m mainly the area (3A and down) writer. I was at Dylan Sheffield’s 683-yard passing game against Denton a couple years ago because Nick Gholson was at a Rangers playoff game.

But with us being shorthanded after Nick’s death, I’ve seen them play four times this year – against Lake Dallas, Rider, Dunbar and Everman.

And I must say, the Coyotes are exciting to watch. You know they’re not going to play any of those wild 48-41 games and that the defense is going to play pretty well for the most part.

Plus, Robert Williams runs hard. He’s not the biggest dude, but he bowled over one Everman defender during a first-quarter TD and finished Saturday’s game with 36 carries. Bet he was sore.

* How close was WFHS to losing in regulation to Everman? QB Eric Butler converted a 4th and 9 by scrambling for 13 yards. He was pressured on the play and his jersey might have even been grabbed.

When looking to pass on the 7-yard line, Butler finally opted to run, getting out of bounds with two seconds left. If he doesn’t get out or had hesitated a little longer, time would have expired.

* Where does WFHS-Everman rank with the playoff games I’ve covered in the past decade? It should probably be in the top five or six, but probably not No. 1 or 2. The best I’ve seen off the top of my head:  

In no particular order:

2004 2A bi-district: Holliday 35, Spearman 28 (2OT) – Blizzard in Canyon, future MLB pitcher Zach Stewart leading Eagles back when the yard lines could barely be made out in the snow.

2006 A state semifinals: Stratford 21, Windthorst 17 – Trojans let 17-point halftime lead slip away, Stratford converts three fourth downs on game-winning drive, Brad Green takes Trojans down field but stuffed on QB sneak from 1-yard line on last play.

2009 A area round: Munday 44, Bronte 38 – Moguls rally with three Kenyin Thompson TD runs in last seven minutes. Thompson scores from about 45 yards out on game’s final play. Also went 80 yards for score on final play of first half.

2009 3A state title game: Carthage 13, Graham 12 – Steers outplayed for more than three quarters, but force a couple turnovers, make a goal-line stand and Case McCoy drives them 99 yards for first TD. Graham scores again but two-point trick play is stuffed.

* Graham hasn’t given up any points in November. The last time the Steers were scored on was Halloween night against Hirschi.

It’s also worth noting Graham hasn’t played anybody with a winning record yet in the playoffs and won’t until the state quarterfinals (which is why it was important to get the top seed over Vernon).

The combined record of Graham’s three opponents going into its games: 15-17.

The combined record of Vernon’s three opponents going into its games: 28-5.

* What a beatdown by Vernon yesterday. I picked the Lions to beat Liberty Hill in the paper, but I thought that would be a close game. Liberty Hill only scored on a kickoff return.

It’s also worth noting the Lions’ only two losses are two a pair of still-unbeaten teams in Graham and Gainesville. 

* Munday has to be proud of how its season ended. Like I wrote in the paper last week, it’s been a tough season for the Moguls. They had Iraan on the ropes the other night, but the Braves made a few big plays down the stretch and Munday’s youth reared its head.

* And kudos to Patrick Corcoran for going ahead and moving his game to Thursday night. I’m sure there were a lot of other coaches in the region who wished they had done the same.

It was something that took a long time to be worked out Wednesday. I didn’t get a call from Corcoran until 10:45 p.m. that night saying it was a done deal.

* Our 2A districts with area teams are now both out of the playoffs. Both went 1-4 in the playoffs with Whitesboro (5-2A Div. 1) and Henrietta (5-2A Div. II) getting eliminated this week.

* I only saw Windthorst twice this year (Holliday and Sundown), but both of the Trojans’ games I witnessed were similar. Fell down by a couple scores quick on big plays, then turned the ball over (eight times total) trying to catch up.

* I like the way both Henrietta and Windthorst finished their seasons despite the losses. It bodes well for next year, especially with the Bearcats having so many young impact players.

* Would have been in the Sweetwater pressbox all by myself during the Sundown-Windthorst game if not for a) Stamford coaches Wayne Hutchinson and Jeremy West; and b) a few Sweetwater football players – about 10 at one point. Let’s just say I enjoyed one group’s company more than the other.

* What I learned from Stamford: The Bulldogs have set Holliday (Week 0) and Munday (Week 1) on their tentative non-district schedule next year. Seymour will not be on Stamford’s schedule.

 * Apologies for the lack of a playoff prediction blog last week. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s been crazy. There will be one for next week, I promise.