Developments from snapshot day

Today was the day every public school in the state had to submit their current enrollment (or snapshot) to the UIL for February’s realignment.

There wasn’t anything too surprising on the local front. However, with a raise to 212, Olney could be moving up with our 2A schools again.

Munday has fallen one person below the six-man cutoff line (which was raised by five to 104.9), but the Moguls will still be playing 11-man.

However, they will be in a different division for every other sport (Class A, which will be the smallest class. Remember, next realignment an A gets added to every school. So Munday/Windthorst will be in 2A, Holliday in 3A, Vernon in 4A, etc.)

Rider and WFHS will stay at 4A (which will be 5A), but Denton Guyer has turned in a number that will bump them up a class. Same thing with Byron Nelson.

Bowie increased a little bit, but is still below the 3A (or what will be called 4A) cutoff from last realignment by two. So I’d think it would be safe to say Bowie won’t be going up.

Alvord, in with our area 2As, could drop – they seem to be always on the fence.

And next realignment is having 3A split into two divisions. Right now it looks like Burkburnett is definitely Division I and Hirschi could go either way. The other three will be in Division II.

All of our are Class A area teams will stay in their divisions it looks like, too.

Almost all of these were given to me by coaches, but a couple non-area schools I got off reputable high school football websites.

                        2011                Today


Rider               1,697.5            1,690

WFHS             1,396.5            1,299


Burkburnett     877                  928

Hirschi             731.5               730

Graham           668                  690

Vernon             581                  506

Iowa Park        534                  528

2A Div. I

Bowie                    429            447

2A Div. II

Henrietta               284            262

Holliday                271            271

Jacksboro              255            266

Nocona                  249            254

City View             239            ????

Alvord                   204            202

A Div. II

Olney                    196            212

Quanah                  159            157

Windthorst            159            164

Seymour                154            155

Archer City           152            161

A Div. II

Muenster               142            129

Petrolia                  133            150

Electra                   131            124

Munday                 106            104