Now we have a dog park without water

The people running Hooterville Falls built us a coliseum.

But they forgot a few things while spending more than $20 million to do it.

Like a press box, a decent sound system and, at first, hand railings.

Now, like I have written here many times, we have one of the worst civic coliseums known to mankind.

So what should I expect when our city decided to give us a dog park?

My wife and I took the two “children” to the new dog park on opening day.

It is really nice to have a place where the puppies can run around unleashed and get some exercise.

But once again, it looks like, the people running Hooterville forgot something.


It would have been nice if they had put a pond inside the park.

But if that was too much trouble, how about a water faucet, a hose and a few buckets?

Surely, we wouldn’t need a bond election or tax hike for that.

In fact, just give us the water faucet. We’ll donate the hose and buckets.

Dogs need water, especially come summertime when they are running around in Hooterville heat.

And our city owns a water park, surely we can’t provide a little H2O for these puppies.

Just because I didn’t see any water at our dog park doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Maybe I just missed it.

If so, please show me and I will blog an apology ASAP.