Mother’s Day in a lonely graveyard

I went to visit my mama yesterday.

I stood by her grave at the Hope Cemetery in Henrietta and told her about what was going on in my life.

This is the 48th Mother’s Day I have been without her.

Those of you who know me know that my mama was killed in a car wreck back in the summer of 1963. She was 35. I was 16.

But on Mother’s Day, you want to be close to your mama.

And now this lonely graveyard is as close as I can get.

I told her that I was still writing about sports for a living. My mama was a big sports fan.

And I told her that she has two grandchildren (now 35 and 32) who would make her proud and a little 7-year-old grandson who is second to none.

As I was talking, I thought to myself, “I wonder if she can hear me.”

As a Christian, I believe in heaven and hell.

But there is something that confuses me.

Do the people in heaven know at all what is going on down on earth?

Does God let mama hear me when I tell her I love her?

The Bible says there is no pain, no suffering, no tears in heaven.

So it is hard to imagine the people who are there knowing what is going on down here.

If you have an answer to this, let me know.

I may just be talking to myself and a tombstone.

But I will be back next Mother’s Day just to tell her how much I love her and miss her.

The one thing I do believe is some day soon, we will be together on Mother’s Day.

For eternity.