I’d pay to see a dead Osama

The decision to turn Osama bin Laden into fish food was a dumb one.

Dumping his sorry dead ass into the Indian Ocean was explained to us as “Muslim tradition,” but some Muslims are now telling us that’s a crock.

We could have paid off a big hunk of our national debt with a 50-state tour that could be staged much like a carnival freak show.

Heck, look how many people paid to see King Tut.

Surely we could get 20 or 30 bucks apiece from Americans who would line up to see a dead Osama.

Our president and all his high-ranking buddies got to watch Osama killed.

Is there not a DVR in the White House?

Could this not have been recorded and shown in prime time or maybe at halftime of the next Super Bowl?

So now that Osama’s remains are in the belly of some hungry fish, there will be Osama sightings all over the world.

“Hey, have you heard — Osama was spotted down on Bourbon Street drinking with Elvis and Dale Earnhardt.”

Our government is even hesitant about letting us see photos of Osama’s corpse.

We get to watch Saddam hanged on live TV, but they won’t let us see a few glossy shots of dead OBL?

Sounds like a conspiracy to me.