Royal wedding costs $48 million: How much for a royal divorce?

I read where the cost of the royal wedding is estimated at around $48 million.

You can buy a couple of small countries or maybe even a couple of starting pitchers for that kind of money.

I sat down and estimated the cost of my four weddings.

The first one was five bucks.

The second one was 25 dollars.

The third was a couple hundred.

The fourth was 70 bucks.

The only wedding that counts — the last one — was at The Little Chapel by the Courthouse — just across the street from the Golden Nugget in Vegas. The bride and groom both wore shorts.

The wedding cost $60.

I tipped the preacher 10 bucks even though he was 30 minutes late getting to the chapel.

So I got married four times for around $300.

My three divorces cost about a thousand dollars more than the four weddings.

Wonder what a royal divorce is going for these days?

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