Cowboys quit on their coach, themselves and you

Somebody needs to be held accountable for these quitters.

It won’t be the quitters. They never are.

In sports, it’s always when the bus breaks down, you shoot the bus driver.

And Wade Phillips is driving this bus, which was last seen flying off a cliff somewhere near Green Bay.

These overpaid, underachieving, priceless Cowboys just embarrassed themselves in prime time.

I am not sure if this is THE MOST embarrassing game in the 50-year history of the Dallas Cowboys — but it is certainly in the top 2.

Opening night in Washington was bad. The following week at home against the Bears pretty much sucked.

We thought this team had been fixed after the win at Houston right before bye week. The next game, at home against the Titans, showed us it wasn’t.

Then they lose in Minnesota. Down goes Romo in a home loss to the Giants and suffer a really ugly loss to the stinking Jaguars back at Jerry World the very next week.

At that time, it looked like things couldn’t get any worse.

But it did last night in Green Bay.

Losing is forgivable. Cowboy fans still love that brave team that battled it out against the Packers in the Ice Bowl 43 long years ago.

But what happened on that very same field last night is not forgivable.

You don’t quit on your teammates. You don’t quit on your coach. You don’t quit on your fans.

If Jerry Jones fired all the quitters, there wouldn’t be 22 players around to lose to the Giants next week.

And he can’t fire the owner or general manager who assembled this POS.

So go shoot the guy driving the bus.

Goodbye, Wade.