Does anybody shop at Jos. A. Bank?

I walk the mall a few times each week, starting and finishing on the west end.

Right by  Jos. A. Bank.

Now all the people who know me know that I will never make anyone’s “best dressed” list.

Waylon Jennings once sang “just turned 50 and still wearing jeans.”

Well, I am 63 and still observe that same dress code.

But window shopping at Jos. A. Bank each lap around the mall sure entices me to change my wardrobe.

The way the store lays out its clothes sure gets my attention.

Very pleasing to the eyeballs.

And it seems like they are always having some gigantic sale.

Last week, there was a “one day only” sale  where everything in the store was half price.

A few days later, the sign said “Buy one, get one free.”

What does that tell you?

There must be a huge profit margin on regular prices if a store can still make a profit selling stuff at half price or two-for-one all the time.

But why would anyone pay the full price for anything at Jos. A. Bank?

Just wait a day or two and the cost will be cut in half.

But even then, the clothes cost more than I normally pay down at  JC Penney.

Only once have I even gone in Jos. A. Bank.

That was for a half-price shirt sale.

The polo shirt I wanted was regularly 90 bucks. But it could be mine for $45.

Still a bit much for a sports writer’s meager clothes budget.

So I have never bought anything at Jos. A. Bank, nor do I know anyone who has ever bought any clothes there.

In fact, when I walk the mall, rarely do I ever see any customers in the store.

Maybe that’s why the displays look so nice and neat. The sales staff doesn’t have anything better to do with their time.

There hasto  be someone out there who buys clothes from Jos. A. Bank.

The store has been in our mall for at least six years. It couldn’t stay in business without some customers.

Of course, at full price, it may not need many.

Any of you ever shop Jos. A. Bank?

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Does anybody shop at Jos. A. Bank?

  1. Nick, I buy clothes there, but only when it is a buy 1 suit and get 2 free. Granted that I have to save most of the year to do it, but right after Christmas is a great time for them. I even got a 800 dollar suit for 150 once because they had mis-tagged it. Told them that I was going to leave with nothing.

    Also, I do know that a lot of Funeral homes have an account with them and many upscale businesses have their tailor accounts. It is kind of like a car lot: do not go in if no one else is there or they tend to follow you around.

  2. You can’t hardly watch a tv program without seeing one of their ads. Thank God for the mute button.

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