Suicide-murder much better than murder-suicide

I certainly don’t know what’s going through a goofy mind of a person who decides to leave this earth with a violent murder-suicide.
Mostly likely they have never accomplished anything in their lonely lives and figure they might as well make a name for themselves by going out with a bang.
But think about it — nobody ever remembers the guys who do it.
Take this simple murder-suicide test.
1. Name the two Columbine killers?
2. Who was the gunman in the Luby’s cafeteria killing spree in Killeen?
If you answered Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and then George Hennard, give yourself a gold star.
Most of us could never pass that test.
Ross William Muehlberger will also quickly be forgotten.
Years from now when people in our town start talking about the April 20, 2010 shooting spree, they will remember Toby’s and Hastings and the brave soldier Tim Donley.
But Muehlberger will be another “What’s-his-name” nutcase.
But everbody reading us knows about Smokey the Bear.
Why? Because he saves lives.
Suicide-murder is a much better idea than murder-suicide.
If George Hennard had done that, 24 people eating at Luby’s would still be alive.
If Lester Hobbs had done it, little Aja Jotson would be alive to celebrate her 9th birthday.
And if that “What’s-his-name” nutcase had done it, Tim Donely would be at Toby’s tonight.