A Hirschi fan’s perspective on the Old High-Rider rivalry

Well, here we go again Husky fans.

Once again we have to listen to how special the Rider-Old High rivalry game will be on Friday night.

You would think that Rider and Old High were the only two high school football teams in town.

Terrance Cooper

Hirschi has turned it around in coach Cody Slater’s third year.

The Hirschi fans understand how important this rivalry is to the schools, students, football fans and city. These two teams have a lot of football history. No matter what, whoever wins this game will be crowned champs of this city.

Hirschi could go 10-0, but whoever wins the Old High-Rider game will become football royalty for this season.

Hirschi made it to the district playoffs this season. The Huskies haven’t been to the postseason since 2007. Unless you’re a true Hirschi fan, you probably wouldn’t know this fact.  Because the only sports conversation is about the big game.

At one time, Huskie fans used to feel this electricity when playing Rider or Old High. The last time Hirschi played Rider and Old High was in 2005. The Huskies lost both games. As you can tell, it’s been a long time since we felt the same hype these two teams feel whenever football season rolls around.

The closest thing Hirschi has to a rivalry is when they play Burkburnett or Iowa park. It’s just not the same!  We want to be the only sports conversation for one week. Hirschi would have to win a state championship before the whole city would stop and pay attention to the Huskies.

As a Hirschi fan, I wish we could have that type of  rivalry feeling every year. Until Hirschi has that kind of rivalry, I guess this Huskie fan will go to the game, and figure out which side to sit on. Watch a great football game and hope that one year, this Husky fan will be able to feel the same electricity one fall night in Wichita Falls.

– Denise Nelson