Oil Bowl lacked a little excitement

After watching the 2011 Oil Bowl Friday night at Memorial Stadium I walked away a little disappointed.

Sure the Texas squad won the game against Oklahoma 17-14 in very rare overtime fashion, but the play on the field didn’t do it for me. I’ll blame it on the play calling and coordinating.

This might be the last time any of these recent high school graduates put on football pads and it didn’t look like a lot of kids on the sideline were having much fun after they were introduced on the loud speaker.

I’m glad to note there wasn’t a coach getting in the faces of the young men, telling them how they messed up.

I just didn’t see a rally of enthusiasm.

I get that there isn’t much time to teach a group of young men a completely new set of plays, but throw in a wrinkle here and there.

Simple idea: Where are the trick plays, and where are the small experiments on the field?

The most exciting chances taken on the field were from the Oklahoma side when they let the 6-6 Devante’ Mccully run down the field on a go route to pull down the ball near the goal line for a 30-plus yard gain in the first half.

That was exciting. They tried to go to him two more times on an eventual touchdown drive and every time he made a move near the end zone I watched him.

The rest, ho-hum.

Texas ran something of a shotgun/pistol offense, and Lee Clubb saved his best for last when he helped Texas go down the field to tie it up before time expired.

Other than that this football game lacked “it.”

I hope “it” is found this time next year.