Better Brothers than Billy the Exterminator's

Ricky and Randy

Here is a list of better sibling personalities than Billy the Exterminator’s brother, Ricky, that I would like to see appear at the 32nd annual World of Wheels hosted at the Wichita Falls MPEC Feb. 11-13.

side note: (Ricky is set to be here Friday)

1. Randy Quaid – Dennis Quaid’s brother is currently on the run from the law, I think, but he is choice number one.

2. Donny Walhberg – Marky Mark’s brother is doing is New Old Kids on the Block thing right now, so he’s probably a little tied up.

3. Eric Roberts – Julia Roberts’ older brother might be a little too famous to step on Wichita Falls ground, but he would be cool to visit with. He’s a little irrelevant to today’s youth, so he might fit right in. If you haven’t seen any of the “Best of the Best” karate movies, do yourself a favor.

4. Billy Baldwin – Alec Baldwin’s brother hasn’t done a lot since “Backdraft.” He did have a run in the TV show “Parenthood,” but I think his time might have come to an end since his fake shoe company has a new boss.

5. Charlie Murphy – Who wouldn’t want to meet Eddie Murphy’s brother. Dave Chappelle put this dude back on the map, or is it on the map. He’s hilarious either way.

6. Roger Clinton – Bill Clinton’s brother. Imagine the stories. Need I say more.

7. James Belushi – Just as good stories to share about his brother, John Belushi, and his failed TV show “Accoring to Jim.” I did enjoy Jim when I was little in the movies “Mr. Destiny” and “Taking Care of Business.” Both amazing movies. I’m have a great time just recalling the movies as I type this.

8. Lawrence Hein

You might not know No. 8, my brother, but my point being that a lot of people would be a better celebrity filler than Ricky the Exterminator. Heck, last year they had Jordan Shipley, now a NFL wide receiver. I would rather meet his brother, Jaxon – who just signed a letter of intent to play at UT. Why not bring in Case McCoy while we’re at it?