Book of Walking Dead Basketball

Who didn’t like what they received for Christmas – be honest? Everyone gets a few gifts each year when they look at their present and presenter combination and think “what the hell.”

I get a couple of odd ducks every year. I don’t think it is Christmas until you find out that a couple of people don’t really know you based on their gift.

Aside from the duds, you usually get at least one thing you really love.

This year I got a wallet and a “Walking Dead” comic book. (It’s a little more than just a book. It’s a collection of goodness based on zombies eating, or trying to eat everyone.)

My brother/sister-in-law combo bought me the comic and I think I finished it in a few hours. It is going to be something that I’ll read and reread just to give all of the great artwork a chance to sink in.

But since I’m the kind of guy that I am, I also bought myself a pre-Christmas present – Bill Simmons’s “Book of Basketball.” A must read for anyone that has watched at least one basketball game – preferably in person – or picked up a basketball in attempt to look athletic.

Simmons hammered out about 700 plus pages of cultural references, anecdotes and his theories of top basketball players in a remade Basketball Hall of Fame.

I now have a new favorite ESPN, not sure if I mentioned that Simmons works at ESPN, personality. He doesn’t make that many appearances on TV, but I’m starting to seek out his work more and more.

So that was my Christmas – buried in books while my son unwrapped his Christmas gifts. I had my head angled just enough that I could peer over my nose above the top of my books and see his enjoyment.