Mixed emotions with Cameron Gardens arsonist

Wednesday the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office arrested a person they believe is responsible for fires started in the Cameron Gardens area in Wichita Falls.

And my emotions are torn. Innocent until proven guilty, right?

First, I need to make sure a jury convicts this guy, Kyle Everett Harmon. We know he admitted to authorities that he had a hand in numerous fires and he could save people a lot of time and money by pleading out.

But the main reason I’m especially mad at the entire situation, besides him being a now ex-volunteer firefighter, is the fact that my folks live in Cameron Gardens, right off Cameron Lane. One of the fires started could have easily taken everything away from them.

It is hard to say this, but my son could have grown up not knowing his grandparents under the most grave consequences. I lost both of my grandfathers one way or another before I turned 6-years old, and I don’t wish that experience on anyone.

Grandchildren are supposed to have their grandparents and vice versa. They’re the ones who spoil grandkids.

But multiply my emotions and fears by the countless number of people who also worried similarly when the fires were started in Cameron Gardens. That is a lot of distraught people looking at the front page of the Times Record News website or paper.

WCSO Sheriff David Duke noted that Harmon might not be the only arsonist involved in this string of events that played out over a lengthy amount of time.

He says the others responsible should just give themselves up; make things a little easier on everyone.

I agree.

That way, I can have the same inner-conflict with your downfall that I’m have with Harmon right now.