The coolest "I Quit" of all time

Steven Slater, a flight attendant that worked for Jet Blue, probably pulled off the coolest I quit moment of all time.

It is up there with Guillermo Diaz’s character, Scarface, quitting scene in “Half Baked.”

Slater, reportedly, cussed out the passengers over the loud speaker, grabbed a beer, or three, pulled the fun little inflatable emergency exit and slid down. How cool is that?

Seems like there has been a lot of support brewing for Slater. He probably should have just counted backwards from 15 and sat down in his seat to avoid that pesky legal trouble he is facing, but it is too late for that now.

I have only seem a couple of I quits in my life.

They occurred when I worked at Deli Planet, where some of the employees used to be greasier than the sandwiches. They would storm off, throw something, tell the manager where he/she could put their head for the time being and storm out the door. But, we didn’t ever have an inflatable slide outside at the time from A-1 rentals at their disposal.

I’ve thought about quitting a couple of times but my plan was never up there on the Slater-meter.

Have any fantasy quitting scenarios, real or imaginary, you’d enjoy sharing?