Dog Bites

What would you do if a strange dog bit your loved one?

Well, I didn’t really handle it the greatest of ways, I think. I didn’t really feel right about calling the cops and letting them handle it. For some reason the cops, or talking to cops, doesn’t go over well with me.

As soon as my wife came in the door from her walk and showed me her leg I shot out the door to find the dog…albeit minus the gun.

I didn’t know what I was going to do walking toward the crime scene. I started juggling with my phone….911? Animal Control?

I, luckily, knew a person who lived at the house of the attacker. It was his roommate’s dog.  The owner apologized again and again.

“Just let us know what we need to do,” was the answer I heard as I walked away to check on my wife’s leg.

She was fine the injury looked OK. The dog owner said the animal had all of its shots.

But then the rest of the family got involved. All of them agreed, call animal control. I disagree, still do, with their stance. I don’t want a dog being put to sleep on my conscience.

That was yesterday.

Animal control was called today. And currently they are in the process of collecting the animal.

Still doesn’t sit right with me. Don’t know why.