NFL Wild Card playoffs

Two teams without a lot of recent sucess kicked off the 2011-12 NFL playoffs. The pick-6 at the end of the first half of Andy Dalton may not have been the deciding points, but it turned everything the Texans’ way for the second half.  I liked the Bengals by a hair coming in, but didn’t…

Just as I was buying the Bears

I was beginning to buy the Chicago Bears as one of the best five teams in the NFL. Good defense, great special teams and enough offense with Matt Forte having a great year and yes, Jay Cutler, making some big throws. I, like most, had underestimated the Bears coming into the year. I looked right…

Worth a second look

The NFL Sunday Ticket gives a fan a chance to watch his/her team every single week and for me that’s the 49ers. But it also gives me a chance to watch portions of games of any team around the league. So besides watching the Cowboys and 49ers every week, I decide what games to try…

Can I believe in the Bills? Not yet

My top six in the NFC.
Green Bay still looks better than anyone at 3-0.
Next comes the Saints (2-1, nice comeback over the field-goal prone Texans); Lions (3-0), Cowboys (2-1), Bucs (2-1), Eagles (1-2).
I thought about flipping the Giants over the Eagles, but not ready to trust Giants yet. The Eagles may not be a playoff team if they can’t solve offensive line woes.
The 49ers are a play away in the Dallas game from being 3-0, but hard to trust them yet, either.

Looking ahead this week

NFL Sunday Ticket: Week 1


1. Bengals. They have talent and Pats were ready to go riding the Wes Welker wave.

2. 49ers. They gave away points when they had control and then Seahawks rode their home crowd and the Pete Carroll emotion to a big victory. Still a winnable division, although anyone but the Rams could contend for it.

3. Colts. I remember a similiar game a few years back when the Jaguars ran all over the Colts. Seems like Manning and Co. recovered OK. No obit for Indy just yet.