Glad to have Wash today

When you ride with Ron Washington, the most successful manager in Rangers history, you get all of him. The Wash that used Alexi Ogando last night I didn’t like. The Wash who didn’t let Scot Feldman bat in the 11th inning when pinch-hitting meant going to Mark Lowe I didn’t like. The Wash who didn’t…

Crazy last day

I know the Astros would love to spoil this comeback bid of the Cardinals.
Those races are more than enough, but there’s also our Texas Rangers trying to get the home-field advantage in the first round of the playoffs. They are one game up on Detroit, but must win tonight or have Detroit lose to get the No. 2 seed.
Ron Washington said rest was more important than home field, but his team has went about winning in typical fashion while some pitchers have rested up.
If it’s all the same to Washington, who has taken the same stance as Johnny Oates did in the late 90s, I’d just as soon be the No. 2 seed with home field.

Can Rangers push Angels over the cliff?

The Texas Rangers have done what they were supposed to lately, winning a series in Oakland to build a four-game lead and then pushing the AL advantage to six with wins over the Angels the past two nights. I think they’re winning this division even if they lose the next two games. I just think…

These aren’t Tom Hicks’ Rangers

Instead, the Rangers went to Adrian Beltre, the best positional player left in the market. He’ll be a major upgrade at 3B on defense. It’s almost unfair to line him up next to Elvis Andrus.
And Mike Young should fit as a Paul Molitor-Tony Phillips type of Super DH-Utility player at the top of the order.
Beltre won’t likely give the Rangers five good years or even five healthy years, but he certainly improves their team in 2011 and 2012.
And it won’t likely be the wasteland that signing a bad Scott Boras pitcher would have been.
Good riddance, Mr. Hicks.

I still can’t believe it

Tonight, I’m going to watch the Rangers in the World Series. No really, I’m going to watch the Rangers in the World Series. The Rangers haven’t made it this far — well ever in real life — and their last appearance in the World Series was when I played a strat-o-matic season with one of…

Washington refuses to pitch his best

While I was interviewing Windthorst coach Bill Green on Friday night, getting my notes together to write a blowout football game story, the Texas Rangers were blowing a playoff game. In Texas-sized fashion Ron Washington’s club gave up a 5-0 lead and lost 6-5. They entered the eighth inning  up 5-1 and left it down…