Right move, but still sorry to lose Vince Carter

The Mavericks lost Vince Carter on Friday night to the Memphis Grizzlies.

It’s a sad moment in my house where Vince is probably my 11-year-old son’s second-favorite Maverick of his viewing life behind Dirk.

Carter also become one of my favorite guys in the post2011 title era for the Mavs. He was fearless as the young Vinsanity who attacked the rim and jumped over large humans to dunk the basketball.

There were occasions where Vince turned fearless into what some thought was careless but really he was a smart basketball player. And tough, so tough. Unlike most spot-up 3-point shooters, Vince could dig in and defend around the rim defensively. His instincts allowed him to be tough down low the same way the aging Jason Kidd was.

He brought a lot to the Dallas second team in his time with the Mavericks. And was as close to a Jason Terry-type fourth-quarter sidekick for Dirk as the Mavs had.

But Vince Carter is 37. He’s an 11-time NBA Player of the Week. But the last time that happened was in 2007. He was an all-NBA choice twice but the last time was in 2001.

He has 23,190 points scored in his NBA rear-view mirror. And not too many on the horizon.

So it was logical for the Mavericks to want to bring him back at a veteran minimum or something close to that as they try to find a young small forward to pair with Nowitzki.

So Dallas wanted Carter but not at the reported three-year, $12 million deal he got in Memphis.

Logical decisions can still hurt for the moment and losing Vince from the Mavs stings a little.