Talking Mavs post-LeBron Decision II

So the Mavericks will need a starting small forward and GM Donnie Nelson promised one. So where do they go?

Sounds like Houston will match the Chandler Parsons’ offer sheet Dallas extended their B target (after LeBron and Carmelo).

So Dallas will dip into Pool C with Trevor Ariza, Lual Deng, Shawn Marion and Paul Pierce. Marion comes by far the cheapest. Deng is probably the best all-around player but has been awful (32.4 percent) as a 3-pt shooter throughout his career. Ariza shoots 3’s better but averages less than 10 ppg in his career. That’s not a $10 million per year resume in my opinion.

Dallas could get more above-average players to fill out the roster by keeping Marion. Deng gives them a better defensive starting 5. Ariza has been a good role player on some very good teams.

Pierce wants $9-10 million per and has racked up as many miles as Marion. So I’d vote no there. I’d only want to invest real money into younger and better.

I think Ariza makes the offense look the best of these options. Deng helps the defense the most. I think Marion could help the Mavs afford a backcourt upgrade as I’m really cool on Raymond Felton.

I’m not sure there’s a Monta Ellis in the scrap heap this year. That’s a shame because the Mavs could use one more affordable hit.