Not great, but Heat good enough

Dwyane Wade isn’t the 2006 Wade that earned the nickname D-Whistle as he used his skill and athleticism to baffle the Mavericks and earn free throws at a dizzying pace.

But with enough rest he can go through stretches where he makes a lot of tough 2-pointers. Minus the explosive, throw his body into a wall drives he was known for Wade might not fit the new model of taking 3-pointers, layups and free throws only. His mid-range game is his staple.

But he was perfect in the fourth quarter Tuesday night as the Heat expectedly bounced back to tie the Pacers 1-1. The 87-83 victory wasn’t one of the better playoff games played this postseason. But it was good enough.

The Heat stayed close all night and one good surge from LeBron James and Wade put them over the top.

Their margin for error or ability to bring their A defensive game all night isn’t what it once was. But it’s possible they win a third straight title.

The Pacers winning a game in Miami won’t surprise me, but even if they do Indy (4-5 at home in the playoffs) has shown it can cough another one up in its gym.