Mavs off to good start

I try to stay away from Halloween candy these days, but it always signals the start of the NBA season to me.

But it’s been such a busy time of year that I haven’t written on this version of the Dallas Mavericks much. The Mavericks blew out the Los Angeles Lakers, minus Kobe, on Tuesday night to go to 3-1 on the season.

All the wins are at home (Hawks, Grizzlies, Lakers) and the loss came at Houston.

It’s not so much the record but the eye test. You’re expected to win most of your home games and struggle on the road at playoff teams.

But the Mavericks look like they’re going to be really good offensively. They played all of last year without a real point guard. Jose Calderson is a blessing for Dirk Nowitzki and his friends. At least on the offensive end.

The defensive end may be where this team eventually struggles, at least against top-notch teams.

But Calderon and Monta Ellis are a huge upgrade from last year’s backcourt. Ellis has two 30-point games already. O.J. Mayo last year mainly had good games when Dirk was sitting and really struggled when the franchise player came back.

Ellis and Dirk are working off each other.

It’s too early to pick how high the Mavs might finish, but I’m very interested in this team. It could be won that can keep our interest through the cold months and into the spring.

Tonight, they’ll face another test at OKC.