Worth a second look

The NFL Sunday Ticket gives a fan a chance to watch his/her team every single week and for me that’s the 49ers.

But it also gives me a chance to watch portions of games of any team around the league. So besides watching the Cowboys and 49ers every week, I decide what games to try and keep tabs on. It’s enough to wear out the remote.

There’s always a surprise team that ends up being worth watching and other teams you expected to enjoy watching that you decide it’s not worth stopping very often.

3 that have been more fun to watch than I thought:

No. 1 — The Bengals. There was an obvious draw to see how TCU’s Andy Dalton did. Rookie A.J. Green is exciting an on my fantasy team. Bernard Scott is from the Wichita Falls area. Former Cowboys assistant Mike Zimmer does a good job with the Cincy defense. Actually the most boring Cincy game was against the 49ers and I still had to watch about every second.

No. 2 — The Bills. They were as exciting as any team early on with comeback wins over the Raiders and Patriots. Hopefully they can pick it back up. I always check on them because of David Nelson of WF. But Arlington’s Fred Jackson is fun to watch, too. I’ve always liked Chan Gailey from working with him at Cowboys’ camp in WF. But the last few weeks have been ugly as the league is figuring out Ryan Fitzpatrick. Maybe Chan can figure something out.

No. 3 The Panthers/Broncos. The first few weeks curiousity made me switch to a Panthers game to see if Cam Newton had the ball. What a rookie! His team isn’t so good and they’ve faltered a bit. Tim Tebow, crushed for being grounded both spiritually and as a quarterback, is must-see TV at least for portions of the game.  Also interesting to see a team try to run that much in today’s NFL. Kind of like when the Dolphins first sprung Ronnie Brown and the Wildcat on the league a couple years ago.


3 I don’t like viewing as much as last year

No. 1 — Kansas City. Love LB Derrick Johnson of Texas. Love their speedy corners and return guys. Absolutely loved speedy RB Jamal Charles, also my fantasy workhorse, until he was injured avoiding the down marker and cheerleaders in September.  The Chiefs were presentable against San Diego on Monday Night Football, but mostly they’ve been downright ugly. Can’t watch and they’re my favorite AFC franchise.

2. Browns. Watched them a year ago mainly because of Colt McCoy and enjoyed the work of Josh Cribbs and Peyton Hillis. Now it’s just a couple exciting plays by Cribbs and a ton of check-downs and scrambles by McCoy. I’m not sure what Colt’s NFL ceiling is now and I don’t think he’s got much to work with, but it’s not watchable right now. Not if you’ve got 6-9 more games to choose from.

3. Titans. I guess he’s coming around now, but Chris Johnson’s lack of energy and big runs for the first couple months almost made me put a block on the Titans’ channel. With too many intriguing games last week I didn’t even make an appearance on Titans over Panthers. Neither did the September version of Cam. Also miss Jeff Fisher.

So where are the Eagles? That trainwreck is always worth a look. Even interested to see how Vince Young looks. Would love to see a 90-yard rushing day with two TDs and another two through the air as they beat the Giants. Probably won’t happen, but it’d be good TV.