Every Vote Counts

Just watch this video and decide what’s the right thing to do. I vote for my son. I vote for my wife. I vote for my father, a retired military veteran with diminishing benefits. I vote for my brother, because he doesn’t believe his vote counts. I vote because I can. I vote because the…

Week 9 predictions

We will start with the most meaningful game of the weekend: Holliday at Henrietta. This will decide the 5-2A title, and if Bowie makes the playoffs, then the winner will also avoid Cisco too.

Playoff scenarios

A few teams from this area have made the playoffs. A few more will be up for grabs this Friday. And the rest will be decided in Week 10. Here is a look at several different scenarios and possibilities for each district, and what I think will happen:

One crazy weekend

There is always at least one of the five district weekends that gets a little wild. Sometimes, a couple of huge upsets happen in the district openers. Or like last year — when Petrolia surprised AC to help Windthorst get into the playoffs (or three years ago, when all three District 5-3A playoff spots were…

Don't look now but…

Iowa Park has a shot at the playoffs. It is a long shot, no doubt. And I know putting up 448 rushing yards against Hirschi is not the same things as beating a strong team. But it is still not out of the question the 1-7 Hawks can get in.

Return of Terry Tate

The Office Linebacker is back. He came out of nowhere from a football season or so ago and it now stalking a different type of sideline. It appears he has turned into the Politic-Linebacker. I’m not sure if he’s a Sam or a Will, but he could be a Mike. The world and especially the…

I hate mistakes

I hate mistakes. Just hate them. Hate them worse than watching a stupid movie on TV because my wife wants to see it. Hate it worse than getting stuck in traffic or having mono – which I did get over the summer.

Fewer playoff teams

Last year, 15 Texas teams made the playoffs from this area. There were 12 11-man squads and three 6-Man teams who made the cut. If I was a betting man, I think that number might be a couple fewer in 2008. Here is a list of who made it in 2007, who I think will…

Kind-of-Local Football Updates

So Colt McCoy, on Dan Patrick’s Sports Illustratedvradio show, said he’ll back next year to lead the charge for the Horns and won’t test the NFL waters. McCoy also said that Mack Brown hates it when he wears anything that isn’t neutral – non opposing Big XII teams – colors around him, or burnt orange.…

Must-win games

It is only the second week of the district season (for most schools, anyway). Some teams are in pretty good shape after the first week. And some are not. Here are a few teams who absolutely HAVE to win Friday to have a chance at the playoffs. If not, I would consider them done.

Cost of surgery

I took this from Men’s Health magazine. You have to look at this comparison and just ponder why things are they way they are. I suggest you read the article, titled “Need Surgery? Call a Travel Agent,” before you get on a high horse and start judging a country’s health care system.

The upsets never came

In previewing the games for last Friday, I guaranteed upsets. I thought there were some outcomes that could surprise people. Oh, how wrong I was. My biggest mistake was thinking Archer City could lose to Windthorst. Since I gave five reasons in that blog why the Trojans could win, I feel like it is only…

Upsets brewing in Week 6 predictions

Maybe I am getting a little crazy. Or maybe I am secretly hoping that these district races get really muddled right off the bat. Or maybe I just don’t want to pick who everybody else is picking. But looking at the intriguing district matchups this weekend, I can foresee some upsets. Let’s look at them:

Love Lockdown

Kanye West has made the best crossover hip-hop/pop song of all-time with “Love Lockdown.” And if you don’t agree its the best, then it sure is up there. West has been doing things differently, seeing things at a different angle. And that vision has translated to the music he’s been able to create. You might…

Midseason Thoughts

In a few days, almost every area team (with the exception of 5-4A, which has already started) will begin district action. Which means it is time for some midseason thoughts:

Week 5 predictions

There will be a lot of area stadiums with the lights turned off this Friday night. For several schools, this week is a bye, a transition from what didn’t matter to what does now. But I can tell you one place that should have quite a crowd. The Jacksboro-Henrietta matchup should draw followers from both…