Dr. Horrible

I’m a little late to the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog, but I’m glad I jumped on the train – and not in front of it – when I did. Neil Patrick Harris returns as Dr. Horrible in a make-shift villain known as Dr. Horrible. He has his eye on a girl, but his arch nemesis/good…

Call me crazy

Been awhile since I blogged, but I am just now getting back into the high school football swing of things after a few days off and some non-pigskin work here in the office. Talked to two more coaches the past couple of days — Windthorst’s Bill Green and Olney’s Damon Rodgers — for my preseason…

MGMT surprise & NaS

I downloaded this song by MGMT, a little known but growing band, a couple of months ago and I liked it. I like it more know. I was listening to a radio show that plugged it and for the life of me, I couldn’t remember where I heard the song. It was one of those…

Why I might start watching the WNBA

I suggested to my friends she might be one of a few who could hold her own off the bench in the NBA — with the big boys. She can dunk, so she has a little bit of explosive capability, and she knows the game.
But back to why I might watch. The emotion of the game captivates me. Watching brawls of any type, baseball, basketball, football, captures the emotions on the field and inside of me to watch more enthusiastically.
You’ll hear that Candace Parker is a target on the court with her L.A. franchise. If it stays that way the WNBA might have a new fan.

Keep the Cards

Why can’t professional sports team do it as well. I understand limiting tickets to people who live outside of the area — scalpers and such — but a lot of people in Arizona, who may or may not be of Mexican descent, love the Cowboys.
A lot of Hispanic people breathe Cowboys when they pick a professional sports team. And talk about loyalty once a team is chosen.
So why put the hurdles in place? Maybe if you (Arizona) won at least one Super Bowl this generation you might have a larger following.
Heck if you can even make it a good distance in the playoffs more people will be willing to show up at home games in Crimson and White variables.

Archer City could be my No. 2

I have started making calls to a few coaches so I can start working on my football previews for the special section we produce right before the season starts. Talked to Archer City coach Steve Smith, and one of the things I failed to realize was that the Wildcats have their entire offensive line returning.

Godspeed God's Pottery

She just wasn’t that funny and Iliza was. God’s Pottery was also good, but since the eliminations are left up to the audience they are a hit-or-miss group.

They also did a yo’ momma segment. All the contestants got into a boxing ring and exchanged bags of tricks with timeless yo’ mamma punchlines. Classic.

So now there are two less comedians left and I’m rooting for Marcus, who does spot on Christopher Walken impersonations, with and without more cowbell.

Check out the show if you haven’t already.

As a tribute here’s a little something from God’s Pottery.

Beer Pong

“Maybe he drank some bad tequila,” was the wrong idea to have at the time. But I’m sure not a lot of kids no what it actually is. I found out the guy had to be taken to the hospital to drink a little charcoal. How awful must that have been. I’m sure he didn’t remember it, but I bet the hospital bill to the parents taught a lesson or two.
Have I come close to alcohol poising. No idea, but I’m sure a lot of people have.
Binge drinking is a problem. Kids start early — earlier in life — and only drink on Friday and Saturdays.
The inconsistent smashings thanks to booze cause problems, from what I hear.
So supervise each other at the Beer Pong table. You never know whose life you might save.

The Bellamy Brothers

I’m sure I’m in the minority, and I hope so, but why the Bellamy Brothers. I’m sure there were a couple other aging groups yearning for a gig available to play Wichita Falls. The Bellamy Brothers have had hits, I guess, that I’ve never heard of. I also don’t listen to my fair share of…

Does tennis get better than this?

Probably not. If you got up early this morning, skipped church and sat through (or in my case, slept through) a couple of rain delays, you were definitely rewarded for your determination. Rafael Nadal outlasted Roger Federer in a classic five-set marathon that took 4 hours and 48 minutes.

Kill 'em all, let the grand jury sort 'em out!

And what would have happened if he shot the wrong person? The ruling by the grand jury sets a crazy precedence for Texas laws for the right to defend self and property and others with deadly force.
Now I can’t get too up there on my high horse because I own a gun, and if anything ever happened with someone trying to come inside my house I would use the gun.
But a neighbor’s home. What if someone was inside and you didn’t know it, the shooter missed and holy crap you just killed your neighbor’s significant other.
The grand jury’s decision drives me crazy with conflicting thoughts. I could go on and on, but I’m gonna give it a rest.


Here ya go. This is the new trailer for the upcoming James Bond movie.
From the looks of it (how much can one person tell really) the movie has promise.
Daniel Craig did a really good job on the previous Bond film, “Casino Royale.” He had enough of “it” to make a respectable replacement for Sean Connery.
The Bond girl looks pretty hot. I didn’t really like the job that Vesper Lynd did in the previous film.
From what I’ve read online Gemma Arterton is going to be the new bond girl. You don’t really get to see a lot of her in the trailer, just her, as Justin Timberlake would say it, SexyBack.
So anyways, I’m excited to see the new film. I’m a big Bond fan, but I guess I’m just going to have to wait until the end of this year like the rest of ‘em.