Spain wins! Spain wins!

You may remember I predicted Spain would win the 2006 World Cup — or probably not. (You may also remember I said I would blog every couple days on Euro 2008, something I failed to do.) Anyway, soccer fans had to love Spain’s 1-0 victory over Germany on Sunday, giving the country its first major…

Favorite sports to cover

While high school sports are dormant, it still has been a pretty busy last couple of weeks for me. First, I withstood a two-hour storm delay in Childress to cover the Greenbelt Bowl (the really bad weather hit that town the next night). Then I covered the rodeo last weekend. After that, I was at…


Then the movie starts to take shape. He can go where he wants when he wants. Some of the opening sequences – him on top of the Sphinx eating, transporting around his house – are a comic book enthusiast’s dream.
The movie, as I later found out, was adopted from a comic book idea. The producers of the movie took a couple of liberties, but doesn’t every one when making a movie.
After 25 odd years of going where he wants Hayden is detected by a separate, religious like, group who don’t believe “jumpers” or teleporters should exist.
The sect is lead by Samuel L. And the chase is on.
Like I said – the movie is worth a view or two. I was surprised after I watched it, so I watched it again.
There wasn’t much else at the video store so I had to settle, and I’m glad I did.

Madden Ratings

Yes there are some with a 100 rankings in particular areas — Devin Hester (speed), Patriots WR Randy Moss (jumping), Saints RB Reggie Bush (agility), Browns WR Braylon Edwards (spectacular catch), Pats QB Tom Brady and Colts QB Peyton Manning (awareness), Raiders K Sebastian Janikowski (kick power), and Jets T Wayne Hunter (morale).

If only David had used a thong to take down Goliath

I’m a boxer guy. (Bet you couldn’t have guessed that by looking.) And I don’t think any amount of money could convince me to put one on.
Back to the lawsuit. I’m assuming sometime later, after much peer pressure in the sue-happy world, someone convinces her to take a shot at the Vicky Cs pile of cash.
While I was watching the story on the “Today Show,” all I could do was laugh in disgust.
My wife said something along the lines of “she was probably too fat to wear the thing!”
I laughed harder after that.
She probably was, or she washed the thong one too many times and the material got stressed.
Anyways, imagine in David had taken on Goliath with said thong. I imagine we would be telling children a different story and how the injury took more than an eye out.
I say if you wear a thong you should subscribe to the age old say “an eye for an eye.”
You want guys to look. Take that.

Be Kind Rewind

That’s the movie in a nutshell.
The jokes are there, but they are far between. I liked their interpretations of some of the films they recreated as well.
But there just wasn’t enough heart at the core of the movie. The story revolves around the life of Fats Waller.
Before the movie I had never heard of Waller, but he’s an actual musician. Mos keeps Fats on a pedestal the entire movie and it doesn’t really feel warranted.
They continue to build up Fats for Mos’ character, but it didn’t really connect.
Anyways, it’s not a bad movie, especially if you’re a Jack Black fan, which I am, but it’s not that great. If you want a better Black film rent “High Fidelity” for the 100th time and stare into his crazy eyes.

One heck of a sports-watching day

Dads around the country had to enjoy Sunday. Even if all they got on Fathers’ Day was another weird-looking tie. That is because it was the perfect sports-watching Sunday. Among the great games that graced the TV were:

Letters to the Editor, June 13

But Charles Moeller, of Wichita Falls, whoever you are, pipe down. So you had a crappy meal adjacent to two parents who didn’t want to make their night out about jerking a knot in their kids tales.
Get over it. I can’t believe you actually wrote a letter to the editor expressing your unhappiness. Politics, sports, local heroics. All three topics are popular in letters to the ed, but you chose to go ranting about the state of parenting at a local eatery.
Would you rather have kids screaming at a restaurant, or some knuckleheads running around at 2 a.m. doing God knows what?
Your choice.

The beauty and boredom of soccer

A couple of days ago, the beauty of soccer was on full display when the Netherlands out-finessed Italy, 3-0. It was everything a fan of the game could hope for. Elegant attacking, brilliant passes. Even up 2-0, the Dutch were searching for more goals. Unfortunately, if a soccer hater would have tuned into the game…

Scheduling quirks

I have been typing in high school football schedules for next season over the past few days, and I have noticed a few weird scheduling quirks. Here were the things that caught my eye:

The sickness returns

My wife had no idea it was coming. She knows the perils of football season (both from a work and personal aspect) and she is aware of March Madness. April/May/June is Stars and Mavericks postseason. She gets that too. Every four years is probably my sickest time of all — the World Cup. But the…

Weezer the creative genius

They’ve done videos with the muppets. They’ve done video with Playmates. And now they tied every internet sensation video into one.
The dancing guy, got it. The same picture, same face every-day guy, got that too. The awesome Star Wars Darth Maul knockoff, oh yeah…we got it.
I laughed the second and third and fourth times I watched this. Not so much on the fifth though.
Weezer, I salute you. You are genius.

Football season is near

High school football season is closer than you think. In only two months, players will be reporting for summer workouts. Seven-on-seven has already started too. I have even begun to type in schedules for the TRN football preview edition in my spare time at work. And although the area’s 11-man teams have had a small…