What your daughters are listening to

I’ve listened to a couple of her other songs and its a sound that I can get into. She’s upbeat and she’s got an 80s feel.
And I hear that Madonna loves her. I’m not sure if they are going to share a Britney/Madonna kiss at the MTV VMAs, but I just know that Madonna has taken a liking to her.
Katy is also coming to Dallas soon as part of the Vans Warped Tour. I’m not much for day long music-thons, but if I wouldn’t mind going.


He rips out a certain part of a man’s anatomy. (Above the waist.)
The movie was good. They limited the speaking parts of Stallone, which is always a good thing, because he played the quiet, mysterious man in a distant land.
I say rent it. And if you’re feeling nostalgic rent the first one. It’s the best. The first movie is typically the best if any sequels follow.
And I didn’t know this but there’s an alternate ending for First Blood. Rambo could have committed suicide.
In this day in age with military suicides on the rise I wonder what kind of different impact Rambo could have had on people if the character would have taken his own life.

Kimbo Vs. Colossus

And I also don’t understand the flak he’s getting from MMA vets. So they couldn’t get the following that Kimbo currently has.
Too bad. You want internet following, do something cool.
All I know is I’ll be watching Kimbo. Here’s hoping for a win. Maybe he get some so called “better” fighters after he’s past the 5 win mark.
Better fights come with time and as far as I’m concerned anyone who has the nerve to step into the ring (I know octagon is probably the choice of word, but I like ring) is a fighter.

No. 1 is the loneliest number

Rankings never guarantee a thing. Any coach that I have ever talked to has told me that. Still, schools should always carry a sense of pride when they are at the top in the state of Texas. Two of the five classifications in Texas had our area’s baseball teams ranked No. 1. Archer City and…

Who do you root for now?

When the Mavericks got busted out of the NBA playoffs, I still had a couple of teams to root for. I liked watching the Hornets, and catching LeBron on TV is always fun to watch, even if the rest of his team leaves something to be desired. Now both of those teams are done, and…

The Clevelands

They’re not exactly the Cosbys. Cleveland Brown is bringing the life of his family to Spooner Street next to the Griffins. Well I don’t really know how much Peter and the family will be involved, but I did catch wind that Cleveland is getting his own show. It’s not exactly movin’ on up to the…

Long overdue raise

g their jobs.
It didn’t come. About that time one of their two assistants walked out on the job. I’m not condoning the action, but there is only so much run-around one person can take.
So the office was down to one person doing the work.
And the way the office runs is a little odd. Their are five JPs and five days of the week. They rotate days.
The judges, from what I’ve been told and told again, are supposed to be in the office to be reached.
You know, in case that pesky little warrant needing a signature comes around. Sometimes the judges are there, other times they aren’t.
I’ve seen the files in that office. More than I hopefully ever have to deal with in a lifetime. Imagine all the little work that comes with it.
So back to the needed raises. FYI, the CMO office has restaffed and now the running standard of two people in the office at all times is back to two people in the office at all times.
The assistants need the raise they were promised when they moved there in the first place. It’s been a long time coming.
Nancy Viavettene, Marc Newman and Karen Hamilton want what amounts to roughly a $48,000 a year salary.
I don’t see a problem giving it to them I guess. But a couple people in the office might be a little more deserving.

Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division

Back to Iron Man.
One little subtle touch I don’t think a lot of people picked up on. When Robert and Terrance Howard were on the plane and the supple stewardesses started dancing the pole the song playing was a Ghostface Killah song.
For those who don’t know Ghostface is a rapper with Wu Tang roots. And forever and ever he’s assumed the Tony Stark alias. He’s used it over and over again and even made one of his greatest cds when he fully embraced the Tony Stark mantra.
Check out Supreme Clientele if you’re interested. It’s a Ghostface staple.

Doing Phil Collins justice

And it wasn’t until about 11:55 p.m. May 16 that I learned the identity of the group performing that odd subway night overseas.
The event takes place in a subway car in France, I believe in Paris. The song is a Phil Collins staple, “In the Air Tonight,” performed by Naturally 7. (commentary: I don’t believe this video has in any way helped their what-appears-to-be mediocre career)
My relationship with that song is a little odd. I fell in love with it a couple of years ago when I was watching an NBA playoff game on TBS. I think it was TBS, but it doesn’t really matter.

These guys crack me up

Since I work at night, I am usually home during the day. I will do some yardwork, clean up a little (probably not enough as the wife would like), read, run errands and sleep some. I also have to answer the door when these people come by. You know who they are. College-aged kids who…

Saturday track medalists

Here is a rundown of the area’s track medalists on Saturday. Either later tonight or sometime Sunday, I will have my thoughts recapping the weekend. But for now, I just sent my last story to the paper and am going to go to dinner and then unwind with friends that I rarely see. The medalists:…

Craziness in Austin

SInce I last blogged three hours ago, three athletes won medals and a golf team won a state championship. Graham won the 3A title by three shots. Great for them – I wished I could have seen more of it, but I am at the track covering some more medals. Wade Thornton of WFHS took…

Gold medal drought broken

Finally got a chance to get to a computer after a crazy morning. And guess what? Kelsey Johnson of Iowa Park won the area’s first gold medal since 2005 when she won the Class 3A girls 3200 by about 27 seconds. Her time was 10:56.86.

Iggy's Internet Cafe

The one thing about Iggy’s that struck me as odd was their foot lockers. One of their back walls looked like a mid-stop at the railroad station.
Who needs a locker at a place like that.
Overall, I like Iggy’s. The food selection is a little all over the place. They can do cheap breakfast, but they also have things like 80 cents candy bars and homemade, or what appeared to be, brownies.

The curse of the gold medal

As promised, here is the story of how I have cursed our area track athletes. Three years ago, I went down to Austin to cover my first state track meet. The year before (I was graduating from MSU, so I was not able to attend) nobody from our area won a gold medal — a…